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What IS IT?

The ISITometer provides a modern approaches to age-old issues: How to increase common ground among people, and how to share in our collective wealth more equitably. Following are a few key phrases that describe the ISITometer:

  • Consensus Building Platform
  • Highly engaging game layer
  • Crowdsourced application and content development
  • All activity and contribution rewarded with ISIT Tokens
  • NFT development platform and marketplace
  • Community of artists, writers, designers, coders, hackers, filmmakers, performers, thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, developers, sales and marketing pros, and other visionaries, joining forces with NFT and crypto investors to change the world
  • Based on a simple and elegant binary model of Reality
  • Built-on blockchain
  • Limitless potential for expansion
  • 10% of all tokens issue are granted to charity
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Owners of an ISITometer Icon NFT are granted the following benefits:

  • Access to the ISITometer Whitepaper
  • Access to the ISITometer Roadmap
  • Access to the ISITometer Project Strategic Plan
  • Access to the ISITometer Prototype
  • Access to the ISITometer Blog
  • Access to Project Discord Server
  • Access to the Exponential Launch Sequence Plan
  • Invitation to attend a live webinar hosted by Mentor, inventor of the ISITometer
  • One hour private meeting with Mentor
  • Early notification of future NFT launches and membership opportunities
  • Eligibility for Membership on Phase 2 Launch Team (10 people)
  • 10 Invitations for friends/family for future launches
  • Silver Coin: 5 ISIT Tokens (when minted)
  • Gold Coin: 10 ISIT Tokens (when minted)
  • Bronze Coin: 1 ISIT Token (when minted, est. Feb 22)
  • Silver Coin: 5 ISIT Tokens (when minted)
  • Gold Coin: 10 ISIT Tokens (when minted)


Meet Mentor

Isitometer Logo

Hello. I am Mentor.

I am the creator of The ISITometer, and I will be your guide as you explore its incredible potential. The ISITometer Icon NFTs which you are about to acquire are not the objective themselves, but are rather a representation, or a token of their true value. The value of these NFTs is that they serve as the gateway to the ISITometer Project plans and community, and advance notice of future opportunities.

There I go — shifting the subject from me to the ISITometer. I do that because I am just so fascinated by the ISITometer! From the moment almost 30 years ago when I had a brief moment of clarity about the symbolic nature of the words ‘IT’ and ‘IS’, I have been trying to figure out how to communicate that awareness to others, without sounding like a raving lunatic.

The idea for the ISITometer itself came to me about 10 years ago. I spent countless hours over those years trying to build it, but my coding skills weren’t that strong, and I couldn’t afford to pay programmers. Besides, I wasn’t sure what kind of business model to apply to it.

All this time, I had full-time work and/or contracts and a family keeping me focused elsewhere. So for years the project was limited to what I could produce in my spare time with just my brain, a weak, old computer and Google Docs to work with.

Then I discovered NFTs, and I soon realized that this technology was the missing link I’ve been waiting for. I’ll spare you all the details about why that is, as I don’t want to lapse back into talking about the ISITometer when I’m trying to introduce myself.

The other thing to know about me, is that I have chosen to maintain my anonymity around this project. I truly believe that the ISITometer has the potential to be huge — so huge that it could catapult the founder into the public eye, overnight. And I’m just not sure I want that. In any event, If I do choose to divulge my identity, I intend to be in control of exactly how that is done.

Another reason I am keeping my identity private is to draw attention to this key feature of the ISITometer. Unlike outdated social media platform models where users are encouraged to share their personal information as openly and widely as possible so the platform can monetize that information through advertisers, the ISITometer defaults all member accounts to absolute privacy. Every member has complete control over their personal information, exposing it to exactly who, where and when they want.

In fact, the ISITometer flips the model, so that members can actually monetize their own personal information.

And there I go again…

Given that I am the founder of the ISITometer Project, it’s reasonable that you would wonder about my motivation for embarking on this project. Am I doing it for the thrill of being on the technology cutting edge and latest economic trends? Am I doing in a quixotic quest to change the world? Am I trying to make a fortune? Or a quick buck?

Well, as you may have gathered by now, I love the ISITometer! I feel like it was an idea that was gifted to me, and I feel a responsibility to share it with the world. I feel privileged to have been able to tinker with it for all these years. And sometimes, I feel ashamed that I haven’t been able to bring it to light until now. But I do believe that all things come in their due time.

And I believe this is the time for the ISITometer.

One of the benefits of minting one of these inaugural ISIT Icon coins is a one-hour Zoom meeting with yours truly, Mentor. We can catch up with each other’s lives, talk about blockchain, crypto and NFTs, world events, or whatever. It’ll be great!

So I hope you will be the next owner of an ISIT Icon NFT, and that we will talk soon.

Isitometer Logo


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